Monday, November 18, 2013

Recipient of the Jerome Fellowship

I am very honored and excited to have been selected as one of five for the 2013/2014 Jerome Fellowship for Emerging Artists! You can see more at

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Honda Kids Area

This fall I was commissioned to create a small kids area for a new Walser Honda dealership in Burnsville, MN. The clients wanted a space where kids could sit and use iPads to play games. Here are some process photos leading up to the (almost) finished space. Each little house is actually a desk where iPads will be mounted.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Work of Pip & Pop

Just stumbled across the work of Australian artist Tanya Schultz, the mastermind behind the lovely works of Pip & Pop. A pure indulgence of color, light and texture with a touch of magic.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Watering Can Earrings

I made these cute little watering can earrings to wear for the Walker's mini golf opening and other events. They were a hit and now they are for sale at the Walker Shop. Go and get yourself a pair for only $20!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Process Behind Building a Mini Golf Hole

Ever wonder what it takes to build a mini golf hole? Well, I can't speak for all builders, but here was the process behind Can You Handle This? at the Walker's Artist Designed Mini Golf course that is up in the sculpture garden all summer.
Rendering made in Rhino.

This shape was routed out from the middle of each daisy half to hold a steel frame.

Top half of daisy gets CNC router.

Both halves get sandwiched together.

Giant custom hot-wire cut styrofoam cylinder.

The top part of the can gets routed in slices.

Then stacked together.

Same with the spout...

Then it all gets glued and sanded.

Test cardboard loop.

Real loop made of bendable plywood.

Testing angles.

The bottom gets bolts.

The daisies get hardcoated, primed and painted.

Construction of the actual structure begins.

More testing of angles.

The lower putting green gets built.

Fences get added.

Many, many days of fiberglassing summed up in one photo.

Two coats of yellow gel coat get sprayed on.

A little grass!

On site install.

A railing gets added for safety.

And voila!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Keys 4/4 Kids Pianos on Parade

I just finished a full weekend of painting a piano for Keys 4/4 Kids Pianos on Parade in the Rotunda at the Mall of America. There were a total of 15 pianos, each with a different artist mentor and student. I had the honor of working with 2nd grader Nia Stiggers. This year's theme was "Color Coded" and our color was black. We decided to do a penguin party. After three initial meetings full of brainstorming and drawing, we were all set to start painting on Saturday morning. It was lots of work, but Nia was full of energy and up for the challenge! The pianos will be place in various locations around Minneapolis and St. Paul throughout the summer for the public to play. Our piano's location is TBA.