Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Shelf Show

Two of my friends/colleagues from graduate school, Rachel James and Josh Winkler, recently founded a small gallery in their storefront apartment known as the Secret Knots Gallery. Last month was the opening of their first exhibition, The Shelf Show: An Exhibition of Artist's Stuff. Participating Artists include:
Robin Schwartzman - Jenny Schmid - Peter Haakon Thompson - Michael Sommers - Laura Bigger - Maneli Aygani - Benjamin Brockman - James Boyd Brent - Kit Leffler - Donald Krumpos - Jamie Kinroy - Ginny Sims - Bryce - Yousif Del Valle - Rachel James - Josh Winkler

All of the artists were given the same shelf, and each approached it very differently. Here is a detail shot of the ostrich on my shelf.

Below is one by Ben Brockman.

And this one by Yousif DelValle.

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