Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ms. Daisy-Process Shots

In effort to display my current working process, I've been documenting the progress of my new sculptures each step of the way. I don't want to give away too much, in terms of the finished product, as that is waiting for its big reveal in May. But here are some images leading up to where she is now.

I've finished the welded steel understructure, and have begun to shape her hands and shoes with aluminum foil. Notice I've welded the top separately from the legs/hands so that I can remove the bush part for necessary adjustments.

I've begun to tie diamond-lat mesh over the shape of the bush. I've also started to cover the aluminum foil shapes with a layer of Ave's ApoxieSculpt.

I've completed the ApoxieSculpt coating on the hands, legs and feet.

Gave it a good 2 coats of primer.

Here I've started the daisy flowers. I covered a styrofoam ball in ApoxieSculpt, then added each pedal, one by one, letting each dry completely before adding the next.

I've coated the outside of the bush with a mache, and have begun to sculpt each individual leaf out of ApoxieSculpt and lay it on top. I've also painted the hands and feet with exterior house paint.

Another shot, more leaves. The colors of them vary, based on the random buckets of ApoxieSculpt I bought, but it won't matter since I will prime and paint over them anyhow. It was kind of fun to see her as an odd rainbow assortment.

Finished leaf sculpting, gave it 2 coats of primer.

I won't show you anymore, so as not to spoil the surprise, but I've painted her leaves multiple shades of green and inserted her flowers around the bush. They are quite pick-able!

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