Saturday, October 16, 2010

Artemio Rodriguez Print

The MAPC conference has begun and is in full swing! Artemio Rodriguez arrived on Weds. and immediately began hand carving on the routed block, just for some added details. Later that night, he began proofing and printing the image. He also brought along with him the original cut, which was a small piece of linoleum, about 7" x 12". When I saw the original sized print(below), I was so surprised at how small it was- that is what I blew up to the full 6' x 4' sheet!

And here is an image of one of the many full scale proofs of the block I routed. It came out so great!

And the man himself, Artemio, talking about his prints to interested conference-goers in the papermaking studio (do those locker's look familiar and a little less colorful?)

Last night, my friend/roommate Sandesh and I went on the Fall Art Tour bus, and ended up at Macalester college, where Artemio had a large solo show. And guess which print was I am, posing with the print of the routed woodblock! All that time certainly paid off.

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