Sunday, September 12, 2010

Oh, CNC Router

Since I've returned from Dan Sawatzky's workshop at the end of June, I've been working hard on the CNC Router at the Regis Center for Art- of course in partnership with Professor Ali Momeni and with the help of beloved shop technician Mark Knierem.

We spent the first few work days learning router operation and safety- just the basics. Once we were ready to make some test cuts, there was lots of trouble shooting to be done. But a few days and lots of learning later, I am happy to report that I am totally proficient on the CNC router! I have many files designed through EnRoute4, which I've finally gotten hang of. The hardest part about routing is how long it takes- sometimes up to 9 hours for just four small pieces...and those are just my scaled models. Soon I will begin cutting my full size sculptures, which I anticipate will take about a full week of my life. However, the good news is I have lots of computer time to be productive and have even started my thesis paper! I even wrote a song while I was bored routing one day:

Router, router, you take so long, that is why I need to make up this song.

To sing while the time goes turtle slow, as I watch the eighth-inch drill bit go!

How sounds are muted through plugs of green and through safety goggles the world can be seen.

Oh, the air, it smells of MDF dust, but CNC router, in you I trust, to ...cut my designs so well and precise, because CNC router you are quite the device!

More pictures of painted/finished models to come...

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