Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Imagination Corporation, Day 4

The workshop concluded on an inspiring note, with a talk from Dan about fun, creativity, ideas, dreams, and life. We spent the rest of the day working and asking lots of questions about anything that was left to learn. I finished up my ant, paint and all! The painting techniques I used were very new to me, and thus the ant turned out much different than he would have if I had done him in my own studio. I was pretty pleased with the final result.

I even found myself having some extra time, so started a mini version of my ever-present apple tree. Dan showed my some techniques for achieving incredible bark textures. I love this stuff!

I will paint him back in Minneapolis.

Here is a link to Dan's blog post about the experience. These few entries don't even begin to sum up the experience I had over the last few days. I met great people, learned everything I could ever want to or need to know about routing signs and making durable, dimensional and cartoon style sculptures. Even after 10 hour workshop days, I would go back to my room at night and be up sketching for hours. I am flooded with ideas, and confident I have the capability and knowledge to make them come to life. Now it's time to get busy in the studio and start working on my thesis show! In progress documentation to come...

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