Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Imagination Corporation, Day 3

Day 3 started with some more lessons on designing in EnRoute. We each got some hands on computer time, where we designed small letter plates. In the afternoon we learned a variety of glazing and painting techniques, which were subsequently applied to our sample letters. You can see everyone's in-progress works drying in front of the fan. I'm officially addicted to metallic paints!

With ample work time, my MagicSculp ant was beginning to take shape. Here, he is assembled, with some detail sculpting left to do. At this point Dan and I decided he needed a base to stand on, so I designed a picnic blanket in EnRoute, which was cut out of composite board.

After about 15 mins. of cutting time, the router is just about done with my base.

After it was routed, I decided to cut the sides to look more wavy like a blanket (something I could've done in EnRoute but didn't think of until after). I used the dremel to clean up the edges.
And proceeded to paint.

We also took a little trip down the road to check out Beck and Phoenix's house (Dan's daughter and son-in-law). The in-progress exterior is a photo realistic version of stone and wood, all done completely with the sculpted cement technique!

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