Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Imagination Corporation, Day 2

After some much needed rest and a hearty breakfast, we began the first official full day. All morning Dan gave presentations on his own work and inspirations as well as on using EnRoute 4, which is the Software both he and the UofM use for their routers. I learned a lot of tricks and found that the program is surprisingly straightforward.

After lunch, Dan took us to Giggle Ridge, a miniature golf course on Lake Cultus which he designed, built and owns. We went for a round of golf-as research, of course- I even won a free game on the last hole! The entire course was made using the sculpted cement techniques we learned the night before.

After golf we went back to the shop and started our first project, called "B is for Bug." The goal was to use MagicSculp, an epoxy putty, in combo with a router letter. I did some sketches and decided I would make an ant, in a tuxedo, carrying a bottle of wine.

We even managed to find time to start painting some sample letter boards.

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