Friday, April 30, 2010

My Students' Work

Rachael Adams

Will Gobeli

Tyler Peterson
Tena Patterson
Rebecca Strickland

Michelle Nguyen
Laura Kant
Mitchel Judkins
Kaitlin O'Flahrity
Celeste Tebredge
Amanda Swailes

This semester I taught ARTS1001, Intro to Drawing, at the University of Minnesota. These are some images of my super talented students' work. Their assignments included self-portraits and imagination/narrative. They were a great class who I enjoyed working with very much!

Intro to Caricature for Intro to Drawing

Last night I went in as a guest artist to Rowan Pope's Intro to Drawing class. I showed my work, did a lecture and exercises with the students on caricature and even drew some. These are some images from the evening.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New News

I will have some of my older carnival themed works in a show at the Stevens Square Center for the Arts here in Minneapolis (1905 3rd Ave. S) called, Escape from Coney Island. The opening reception is Saturday, May 15th from 7-10:30pm.

And more good news! I was awarded one of three Graduate Research Partnership Proposal Grants from the College of Liberal Arts here at the University of Minnesota. This research fellowship will allow me to travel to British Columbia this summer for a three-day intensive workshop at Dan Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation, where I will learn how to use the CNC router and finishing techniques to construct amusement park quality sculptures. I am super excited to learn these new processes. When I get back to Minneapolis, I will be working with professor Ali Momeni to design my sculptures in CAD programs like Rhino and Modo and use the university's router to cut them. I will use this process to make at least one sculpture in my thesis exhibition next spring.

Lastly, I will be teaching a session on Intro to Caricature Saturday, June 19th, at the Loft Literary Center's Festival of Graphic Novel and Comic Book Writing & Illustrating.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainbow Valley

As I was digging through some old files on my external harddrive, I just came across a bunch of pictures I took when visiting Rainbow Valley in January 2009. Rainbow Valley is a children's play area in Adventura Mall, Miami. It was designed by the amazing collaborative duo Friends With You. FWY are one of my favorites and when I found out about Rainbow Valley I made my family take me there. Very inspirational!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Studio Visit

So it's been awhile since the last post, however I have been busy in my studio. I thought I'd post some photos from the last few days, just some snapshots from inside my studio space. There are no big installations currently in the works, but I am working on fruit-crate puppets and such for a small performance on Friday, May 7th at Open Eye Figure Theater in Minneapolis.

These ice cream cones are handmade paper painted with gouache.