Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cripple Con

I just returned from another fantastic Cripple Con. This year's (third annual) was held in San Antonio. It was my first time in Texas...although I didn't get too far out of the hotel. However, the 65 degree and sunny weather was a welcomed change from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis. It was so nice to see everyone! That's the great thing about caricature cons, you only get to see these people once a year, but when you do it's so full of fun and energy. Plus I learn so much just by watching everyone else draw.

Last year I drew a bunch of the guys as little figures on sticker paper. This year I decided I would do groups of boys based on their locations. What can I say, I love my caricature boys. Here's what I did on day one.
The "EastHeads" (Chris Chua, Alex Clare and Matt Zitman)
The Orlando Boys (Alberto Gonzalez, Nick Mitchell, Sean Gardner, Trey)
The Ohio Guys (Jamie Rockwell, Eric Smith, John Sebastian, Nolan Harris)

I liked the drawings I did on day two much better, as I was warmed up and having a lot more fun with them.
Kev Jackson and Patrick Martinez-both from San Antonio.
And this was my drawing for the themed wall, this year's theme being "Threesome". I wanted to keep it clean and this is what I came up with. The guy on the right is Ryan Haecker from Texas. I ended up winning an award for this drawing, best themed piece.
My first ever Crippie, made by Stacy Pierce.

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