Monday, November 23, 2009

FantaShanty 2010

Together with friends Rachel James, Andrea Steudel, Lindsay Montgomery and Mike Stangler, I wrote a proposal for an ice shanty turned enchanted forest and performance venue. And just after the Cake Party we find out that, Hooray!, the "FantaShanty" (think Fantasy Shanty) was accepted as part of this winter's Art Shanty Projects on Lake Medecine in Plymouth, MN.

"The FantaShanty invites visitors to step off the ice and into a lush, enchanted forest of magic, puppetry and story telling. Guests are welcome to sit in warmth upon soft mushrooms, tree stumps or the grassy forest floor, to listen to readings of their favorite fairy tales and watch live puppet shows. In addition to performances, visitors are invited to drink hot tea and look through the woods for hidden plants, animals, and other magical creatures."

As we begin preparing to face the Minnesota cold, we will be blogging our endeavors here. Keep an eye out and come visit us out on the lake!

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